Pepeganga Intranet

What's this?

Pepeganga is a local retail store with many lines of products.

Every year they sell in bulk to many other companies that wish to give presents to their employees' children.

They needed a platform that would allow them to register companies with administrators and employees.

Employees are able to pick a gift for each of their children.


  • Media administration: Platform admins are able to upload and manage images.
  • Email templates: There are a couple of emails that are sent automatically to employees. Company administrators are able to customize the contents of these emails, to an extent.
  • Bulk upload: Companies could have hundreds or thousands of employees, so administrators are able to upload them in bulk using csv files.
  • Queues: Due to amount of emails that are sent when new employees are created, queues had to be implemented
    This was achieved using Laravel's database queue driver.

Tech involved


HTML5 Sass VueJs


PHP Laravel AWS

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